The Dessert Bar

The Dessert Bar

Alcoholic ice cream is the brainchild of our founder, Chris Perry. Chris has spent the better part of two decades brewing cider and beer, and has worked in the ice cream industry for over a decade. At the 2014 New England Brewfest in Lincoln, NH, Chris had the idea for alcoholic ice cream – and not long after, he was asked to provide some for a corporate celebration.

Chris’ Wicked Ice Cream was born with an IPA Sorbet and a Porter Ice Cream featuring products from Smuttynose Brewery. There has been no looking back as the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our latest collaborations with Kelsen Brewing Company bring together the efforts of two young local companies intent on bringing the best products to market. We also work to make wine sorbet with our friends down the road at LaBelle Winery as well as a legendary chocolate bourbon ice cream.

What does the Dessert Bar serve?

  • We’ve got Chris’ Wicked Ice Cream in Pints and 8oz containers as well as chocolate covered ice cream bars!
  • We can also make you all of your old favorites – cones, bowls, sundaes, and banana splits!
  • All items are for customers 21 and over and contain alcohol. This isn’t your daddy’s ice cream!

What flavors do you have?

  • Paradigm Brown Ale with Caramel and Brownie. Kelsen’s flagship brown ale with a little chocolate and caramel to bring out the hoppy flavor of this Beer Advocate favorite. 1.5%ABV
  • Draken Robust Porter Ice Cream with caramel and Heath Bar® and featuring Kelsen Draken Robust Porter Beer. The Porter all dressed up with the perfect accessories to make this a perfect dessert. Try not to eat the pint all at once. 1.46% ABV
  • Double Battle Axe IPA Sorbet. All that Double Battle Axe flavor and aroma comes through and is right there for you to enjoy. The Simcoe hops almost reach out and pull you in for another bite. Best served slightly “warm” or when the sides of the container are slightly squishy. When it is too cold and hard it does not scoop well and the flavors are suppressed by the cold. We could add more stabilizers and chemicals to make it scoop better when it is too cold, but that is not what we do – and why would you want to eat it with the flavors suppressed? This is one awesome treat to enjoy in the sun on a hot summer afternoon. 2.0% ABV
  • Pumpkin Paradigm Brown Ale Ice Cream is the fusion of the 2014 and 2015 Gold Medal winning GIBF Brown Ale and something everyone loves, Pumpkin Pie Filling. You get a nice Pumpkin Pie flavor up front with the brown ale finish. For those of you who wish Kelsen made a Pumpkin Ale, this is as close as it gets.
  • Vendel Stout Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Shavings.This is the one that started it all with Paul and Erik. One taste of this and they were convinced that this might be a fun project. The Stout Ice Cream has the amazing Coffee and Chocolate tones throughout with a slight bitter finish. The Dark Chocolate Shavings are imported from Belgium and provide a nice crunch as well enhancing the chocolate tones in the ice cream. This could be considered our flagship product. Don’t say you heard it here but a Double Vendel Stout Ice Cream Version is being considered… (ABV would be 4.2%!)